Why is it Essential to Clean the Tongue?

May 28, 2018

Though it is obviously a matter of concern that one must brush and floss their teeth twice a day but simultaneously he should also clean their tongue as well.

Dentists say that whether to fight bad breath or just for good health, it is important to cleanse the tongue along with the teeth.

The tongue is always covered with bacteria.

Bacteria also target the tongue as much as it targets the teeth. The bacteria start to accumulate excessively in the areas such as the tongue, between the taste buds and between other tongue structures.

They hide under the areas of crevices and elevations which are known as papillae. Along with bacteria, dead skin cells and food particles also gets collected or trapped within the small grooves of these bumps all over the tongue.

If not brushed properly, bacteria build up in the teeth and hardens leading to plaque or tartar, it also builds up in the tongue which leads to bad breath or halitosis and even discolouration of the tongue.

These bacteria are basically a group of microorganisms or bio film which stick together on the surface of the tongue.

Unfortunately, simply drinking water or just using mouthwash it not the way of getting rid of them. it is really difficult to kill them because the cells beneath the surface of the tongue still thrive.

Hence, it is necessary to remove the bacteria physically by brushing or cleaning.

Cleansing the tongue is really very simple.

The two main ways of cleaning the tongue properly is just by brushing and scraping.

It can be done simultaneously while brushing the teeth. Just be brushing the tongue back and forth, side by side with a moistened toothbrush and by rinsing the mouth with water, one can fight against bacteria, bad breath and even tooth damage.

Lastly, a gentle scrub on the tongue, cheeks and the roof of the mouth helps to get an all-around clean. Instead of brushing the tongue, one can use a tongue scraper as well which can be found inexpensively in any drug store.

They are specially designed to simply glide and take away the tongue’s layer of mucus along with bacteria and debris in the traps.

Hence, brushing or cleaning the tongue is really an easy addition to our daily chores of life. Doctors recommend to make it as one’s regular habit.

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