What You Should Know About Wisdom Teeth?

May 15, 2018

Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars present in the very back of your mouth which erupts the oral cavity.

These teeth appear after your adult teeth have been established between the ages of your late teen years to earlier twenties.

If you have wisdom teeth, it is not mandatory to remove if you are not facing any problems with it.

It is very difficult to clean that area as they are present so far back in the mouth, which leads to the growth of cavities. Impact of your wisdom teeth is due to the lack of enough space in your jaw joint of mouth.

Dental Problems

The problems with wisdom teeth will differ from person to person.

Generally, wisdom teeth cause pain, infection, cysts, tumors, gum disease and also damage your other teeth if they aren’t placed in the right position. So, it’s best to get removed your wisdom teeth as they are not used for any function or to chew the food.

Visit Dentist

The very first thing to get your teeth removed is to go to a dentist and have a checkup.

So, your dentist recommends a good X-ray to see the angulations of the tooth and the nerve.

If your tooth has enough space to erect, then only the gum tissue that is covered will be removed which help the teeth to come out normally and also relieves pain. The other way that relieves pain is to get your tooth removed when it is infected. It’s best to remove the wisdom teeth when it hurts you more and infects the other teeth which affect your oral health.

Proper Care

A proper care is to be taken after your removal of wisdom teeth.

During the first 24 hours of wisdom teeth removal, you may see bleeding and facial swelling for some hours. Dentist prescribes you to have pain medications for some days. Don’t take hard foods until the numbness of anesthesia go and do gentle brush for two days.

Don’t get panic if you identify any of the problems after your wisdom teeth removal.

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