What is Laser Dentistry ?

October 20, 2017

Are you scared of going to a dentist?

You think dental procedures are painful with all the injections, drilling, stitching and more such unimaginable vicious processes?

Then you might want to know more about laser dentistry – a precise and effective procedure with little or no drilling or sewing.

In laser dentistry, laser rays of different frequencies replace the traditional tools, thus making it more accurate and less painful.

Dental lasers have a unique absorption characteristic which helps to perform specific dental procedures in adults as well as in children. There are basically two types of laser treatments in dentistry – hard tissue and soft tissue procedures.

Hard Tissue laser dentistry involves the procedures performed on the teeth and bone in our mouth. This method is used to cut into teeth and bones with maximum precision. Teeth shaping, cutting, sharpening, shape correction, removal of damaged tooth parts or filling parts etc come under this category.

Soft Tissue laser dentistry means the procedures done on soft tissues in the mouth such as gums. This process seals the blood vessels and nerve endings at that particular area and eliminates chances of postoperative pain or blood loss besides promoting faster healing of the tissues. This laser method helps to shape the soft tissues around a tooth, adjust exposure and the like.

There is some dental laser technology that has been developed to perform both hard and soft tissue procedures according to the need of individual patients.

Also, Specially Designed laser procedures can be used for viewing the inside of teeth, plot teeth, and bone structure, to take a close look at the cells etc.


  • Laser procedures eliminate the need for stitches.
  • Reduce bleeding and helps minimise chances of infection.
  • Less damage to surrounding tissues.
  • No need for anesthesia.
  • Faster recovery and certain tissues can be regenerated.

If you are a patient who is anxious about your dental care procedures or who wishes for a quick recovery with no side effects and no blood loss, you might want to speak to our dentist about laser dentistry.

Remember that laser procedures require utmost precision and skills; therefore choose a well experienced, professional oral health specialist for all your laser dental procedures.

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