What do you do when your gums are bleeding?

June 30, 2017

Bleeding gums – Care

We have learned that bleeding gums can be caused by multiple reasons from diet to gingivitis.

Let us now consider ways to handle or even prevent it.

Bleeding can be caused due to reasons as simple as changing your oral health routine, so it is always wise to follow a set routine of brushing your teeth twice daily as well as flossing it at least once.

It is best advised to use a fluoride-rich toothpaste for best results and remember to use medium-soft bristled toothbrush which is not too harsh on the gums.

Follow the right brushing technique as recommended by your dentist to clean your mouth. Both the tool and the technique is vital and should not be ignored.

Watch out for plaque buildup and do not let food particles remain stuck between your teeth and gums.

Flossing a minimum of once daily can reduce gum bleeding considerably. Proper cleaning of teeth and gums are crucial for preventing gingivitis, one of the reasons for bleeding gums.

Consume healthy food rich in nutrients. Your gums need vitamin C to remain in good health. A serious case if gum bleeding could be scary which indicates the deficiency of necessary vitamins.

In case you do not get enough vitamins from the daily intake of food, consult your doctor and take vitamin supplements. Too much sugar or soda or carb in your diet can cause damage to teeth and gums.

If you are on regular medication of any kind, check with your doctor to see if any sort of side effects, including bleeding gums, are to be expected. If yes, consider the possibilities of getting an alternative medicine prescribed.

During pregnancy too, patients complain about bleeding gums which are usually caused due to hormonal changes in their body. This should clear up soon after delivery.

Regular visits to your dentists is a must. An expert oral specialist can examine your mouth and point out health risks including cavities, gum disease and more. Always get a thorough clean up as well as professional care for your oral health. Identify risks and take up proper treatments in time. In a case of severe gum issues, you will be referred to a periodontist who is an expert in gum care.

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