CEREC is a dental restoration product that allows a dental practitioner to produce an indirect ceramic dental restoration using a variety of computer assisted technologies, including 3D photography and CAD/CAM. With CEREC, teeth can be restored in a single sitting with the patient, rather than the multiple sittings required with earlier techniques. Additionally, with the latest software and hardware updates, crowns, veneers, onlays and inlays can be prepared, using different types of ceramic material.

    We are first to Introduce this technology in India


    Dental Implants are Bio compatible Titanium roots that are placed into the jaw bone by highly experienced doctors in implantology to derive support for replacing lost teeth. Though nothing can replace the joy of having natural teeth the next best option is dental implants .

    Various treatment modalities of Implants are :

    Single tooth implants Implant supported bridges Implant supported dentures Full mouth rehabilitation


    Introduced multipurpose laser first of its kind in India. Painless dentistry has entered a new era with Lasers. An amplified high energy light source replaces the dental drill and scalpel which patients have feared for many years. At SRIDHAR DENTAL, we use lasers for the following applications.

    Implant surgeries – frenectomy Removal of tooth decay Gum lightening Disinfection during root canal therapy

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