How to Teach a Toddler to Brush Teeth?

June 29, 2017

How to Teach a Toddler to Brush Teeth?

Parents find immense joy watching their babies grow, especially when their first set of teeth shows up turning their smiles even cuter.

By about around 4-8 months the primary teeth begin to appear one at a time.

It is a misconception that these milk teeth are temporary so they don’t need much attention. These teeth are the ones that lay a foundation to your kid’s permanent ones, so a good habit like brushing teeth is best begun as early as possible.

The fact is babies are as pronto cavities as adults are. Even a tiny moral issue that goes unnoticed, can gradually cause discomfort and even pain to the baby.

As soon as your baby starts teething, start brushing. Use a soft baby brush and plain water to gently massage your baby’s teeth and gums. After they complete 18 months, kids will have more than 6-8 teeth, add a grain size fluoride toothpaste to the bristles.

Once children reach the age of two or three, their 20 primary teeth would have appeared and they can be encouraged to brush their teeth on their own under adult supervision.

Although teaching brushing techniques and habits begin in toddlerhood, this is a process that spans their childhood.

It is usual for toddlers to refuse brushing teeth. Not necessarily they will understand its importance. Parents can make it a regular fun practice till it becomes a habit. Start by letting them watch you brush your teeth. Often children tend to copy elders and they might pick up a toothbrush and start to imitate you. Sing songs and tell how their favourite cartoon character brushes teeth and the like and guide the while they explore the new activity.

Brush their toys mouth area and entertain your toddlers. It is a good idea to explain to them each step as you brush their teeth so that they learn on the go.

Such small acts will reinforce the importance of oral hygiene. It is a good practice to visit pediatric dentists who can check the toddler’s oral health and suggest ways improve them. It is a must to take pediatric oral health specialist appointments regularly to foresee and prevent any issues.

At Sridhar hospital, we have a team of well experienced pediatric dentists who are friendly to children. We can guide both parents and children to help maintain good oral hygiene. Let’s join hands to make your kids happy and smile brighter.

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