This is also called the root canal treatment. The tooth becomes infected and damaged from the inside of the tooth that results in bulging on the tooth, discolored, sensitivity to temperatures. Placement of crowns and necessary treatment following is mandatory to avoid further damage.

When a tooth becomes infected or damaged root canal treatment is often the only way to save your tooth and repair the damage. The treatment involves clearing the infection in the root canals and then filling them with an inert material and seal it. Placement of crown following the treatment is mandatory to protect the tooth from further damage. Your tooth might need an endodontic treatment if :

  • It hurts when you bite down on it , touch it or push it.
  • It is sensitive to heat
  • It is sensitive to cold for more than a couple of minutes
  • There is swelling near the tooth
  • It is discolored ( whether it hurts or not )
  • It is broken
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