Busting 6 Common Dental Myths

January 3, 2018

We take time to believe the facts but myths always make an easy tour from ear to mouth and move like a wildfire. Modern world dentistry has come a long way, and still, there is an alley of misinformation in the air.

Being in this field for decades it is only legit of us to break these myths right now, right here.

Myth 1 – Headaches Are Caused By Stress

We often fail to look at the root of a problem, this is one such. In recent years, it is found that headaches are not always caused by stress but mostly by teeth clenching. Teeth clenching are caused by an uneven bite and when the jaw muscles are triggered it leads to a headache.

Teeth clenching could be treated by a dentist.

Myth 2 – I Shouldn’t Brush If My Gums Are Bleeding

The bleeding in your gums is a sign of plaque or food particles accumulating in the gum line, which accelerates the inflammation. Gentle brushing and flossing will remove those particles and stop plaque buildup. It will take some time and eventually the bleeding will stop and heal, if not consult with your dentist.

Myth 3 – Cavities Are Painful, So If My Teeth Don’t Hurt They Are Perfectly Healthy

Even if that sounds logically fair, bigger cavities during advanced stages can encroach your nerves and thereby you’ll feel no pain. Cavities are under the surface and so, it hard to spot them all by yourself. Visit your dentist for twice a year to make sure your teeth are healthy and treat any dental issues before they become serious.

Myth 4 – Placing An Aspirin Directly On An Inflamed Tooth Will Relieve Pain

It is quite hard for people to discern from fact and this age-old remedy myth. But here it is—aspirin doesn’t work this way. The only way is when the aspirin is swallowed and it’s absorbed into the bloodstream. When an aspirin comes in direct contact with an inflamed gum it will cause the pain of an acid burn.

Myth 5 – Home Teeth Whitening Is As Effective As Professional Treatment

First of all, bleaching does not affect the health or strength of teeth.

Bleaching products are harmless when used according to the given direction and it is best if a professional is let to take care of it. The home teeth whitening kit may not always cover all the parts exactly the way you want and only a dentist can find a solution according to your dental condition.

Myth 6 – More Sugar Equals More Cavities

Yes, you read that right; it is a myth.

The amount of sugar intake has nothing to with cavities. What matters is how long you let that substance stay in your mouth. The longer it stays, the more bacteria it builds up and hence the tooth decay. So, as long as you regularly brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with water after every meal you are safe to go.

If you have any other doubts about dental myths ask your dentist today and pass this information along. It is high time these myths come to an end.

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