9 Tips To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

January 2, 2018

We’ve seen in depth about oral and gum care, now, let’s look at the big picture. Those big bright smiles with that healthy white teeth demand a lifetime of care but worry not when we’ve got you these organic ways to do that right.

Brushing Matters

Just brushing your teeth twice a day won’t do all the magic, brushing them in a proper and gentle way does. Always brush before and after the bed for a minimum of 2 minutes, this prevents the acid build up by bacteria. Most importantly, do not over brush.

Find Your Right Brush

Choosing the perfect toothbrush is as important as the toothpaste. It is wise to choose a toothbrush or an electric toothbrush with soft end rounded bristles and a small head. Replace your brush or the toothbrush head for the latter every 3 months.

Don’t forget to floss

Flossing might be a tedious task, but it can reach places impenetrable to your brush or mouthwash. Flossing also stimulates the gums, reduces plaque, and helps to lower inflammation. We recommend you to floss once a day.

Drink Water Before And After Food

Water is the best superfood of all time. Drinking water between meals helps to get rid of the sticky foods then and there. It also helps to neutralize the acidity in your food and prevent heartburn.

Check For The Right Amount Of Fluoride

No matter what taste or combination your toothpaste has next time when you shop to make sure it also contains fluoride. Flouride is the single best way to fight against the germs that lead to tooth decay.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Always drink plenty of water to protect yourself from cavities. It emulates the job of saliva and helps to wash off bacteria. Being hydrated during and after a workout session prevents dry mouth and keeps those saliva flowing.

Eat Foods Rich In Calcium

Take Care Of Your Tongue Too

Plaque can build up on your tongue due to reactions to sugary foods. This leads to bad odour and other oral problems. So gently brush your tongue while you brush or use a tongue clear.

Don’t Smoke Or Use Tobacco

With its various life threats, consumption of tobacco and alcoholic beverages lead to tooth cavities and a host of bacterial aggression. Consider quitting smoke or chewing tobacco.

In addition to all these ways visit your dentist at the least twice a year to spot early signs of any trouble. Your dentist will make sure your teeth are stronger and get the right amount of calcium, fluoride it deserves.

Keep smiling!

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