7 Tips to Avoid Bad Breath

August 28, 2017

Does bad breath worry you?

Here are 7 simple to follow tips to eliminate bad breath.

Keep away from tobacco.

A not so simple but compulsory rule to avoid bad breath is to give up tobacco.

You might already be aware that smoking or use of any tobacco products can cause cancer and respiratory diseases in the long run. But it is equally important to understand that they cause day-to-day issues like bad breath, teeth discoloration and gum problems.

Try out over the counter nicotine patches/chewing gums or consult your doctor to find other medical alternatives.

Chew sugar-free gums.

If you have the habit of using mouth freshener mints or chewing gums, switch to sugar-free chewing gums.

Regular mints, mouth freshener, and chewing gums have high sugar content which sticks to your teeth and attracts bacteria. Chewing sugar-free gums will help you activate salivary glands and produce more saliva which is a natural defense against plaque and tooth decay.

Clean your tongue.

Cleaning your tongue while brushing teeth or rinsing your mouth after food is mandatory for a complete oral health. If you notice your tongue to have white or yellow stains, it indicates unhygienic or unclean mouth which could cause bad breath. Gently brush your tongue with your toothbrush or a tongue scraper regularly and as often as required.

Avoid acidic drinks.

Cola, coffee and other sugary or carbonated drinks can destroy the tooth enamel and causes cavities.

They become a breeding site for bacteria and causes bad breath. If you happen to drink such beverages, remember to rinse your mouth thoroughly with plain water.

Choose fiber rich food

Fiber rich food such as fruits and vegetables must be consumed daily. Fruits, eaten raw and chewed well is best. This process gives your gums enough exercise besides cleaning your teeth. They improve digestion and reduces stomach issues.

Hydrate your mouth.

A dry mouth can cause bad breath. Always drink plenty of water and remember to keep your mouth and lips moist.

Keep your gums healthy.

Unhealthy gums can cause bad breath. Always brush your teeth and gums after every meal or at least twice a day.

If you continue to have bad breath despite your best efforts, get an appointment with your dentist. He’ll check to see if your problems are related to a medical condition.

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