7 Causes of Gum Bleeding

June 29, 2017

7 Causes of Gum Bleeding

What would you do happen to notice that your gums are bleeding – while brushing or otherwise?

Though, small traces of blood while brushing is not harmful, frequent or continuous bleeding is not a good sign either. To understand it better, let’s take a look at the causes of gum bleeding

  • Inappropriate Instrument – The safest reason is probably that you are using the wrong type if toothbrush. If your toothbrush is too hard or if you do not follow the correct brushing technique, you might end up hurting your gums.
  • Wrong Floss Method – flossing must be done with proper care. Bleeding also happen if you change your routine like; not flossing for days and then restarting it or flooding more frequently. A good dentist can always guide you with the right choice of instruments and techniques.
  • Plaque – Building up of plaque can cause severe hygienic issues. It allows bacteria growth in the mouth which can attack your teeth and gums. It can cause swollen or bleeding gums.
  • Gingivitis – The accumulation of plaque on the gun line will lead to a condition called gingivitis. Your gums become swollen, tender and show signs of irritation. This is the initial stage if this condition. It is usually a painless condition, but the bleeding gums can be a vital sign of it. consult oral health specialist for immediate and effective treatment before it gets worse.
  • Medication – Certain medication is known to lighten the blood. In such cases, bleeding gums can be a common occurrence. Consult your doctor and get an alternative medication.
  • Imbalanced Diet – your body needs a lot of vitamins and minerals to function normally. Lack of healthy, balanced diet can cause health issues including gum bleeding. Include a lot more vitamin rich food and avoid gum disease.
  • Scurvy – It is a medical condition caused by the deficiency of vitamin C in your diet. Marked by bleeding gums and the opening of previously headed wounds, scurvy can be treated by supplementing your diet with vitamin C tablets prescribed by the doctor.

Oral health is a majorly ignored by most of the people without recognizing the need for it. Hygienic, healthy mouth is essential to keep your body fit and strong. Watch out for even the slightest symptoms, however silly it may seem, and give proper care to your teeth and gums.

Plan to visit your dentist at least once in six months and keep your teeth and gums healthy.

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