March 20, 2018

Have you ever puffed out air right after you’ve woken up and smelled it?

You should try it soon. That odor is the natural smell of your mouth every time you strike a conversation. I’m sure you don’t want it to be bad.

If you have found to have an unpleasant odor during your little experiment I am going to list out the cause of it and help you stop it.


Bad breath, also called halitosis, is mainly due to the increase in bacteria involved in during the process of food breakdown. Foods like onions, garlic, tuna, and spices can also cause bad breath by entering in your bloodstream and thereby your lungs.

Poor Dental Routine

A proper dental routine must include,

Brushing teeth twice a day.

Using a floss at least once a day.

Improperly doing both of these will have a serious effect on your oral health by becoming a breeding ground to bacterias in your mouth leading to bad breath.

Acid Reflux

After you’ve had a large meal if you sense having a burning chest pain and a heartburn for more than twice a week then it is a symptom of acid reflux. Consult your doctor for gastroesophageal reflux disease which may also be a cause of bad breath.

Using Tobacco Products

Oral tobacco intake is extremely unsafe when you are trying to maintain a good oral hygiene. Tobacco, smoking and alcohol intake can cause gum diseases which is another reason for bad breath.

Medications and Dry Mouth

The pills you take may not cause bad breath but dry mouth is a side effect of most medicines.

Saliva helps in cleaning your mouth, removing particles that cause bad odors. It is often the reason for your bad breath early in the morning. Drink water regularly to keep your mouth hydrated.

A chronic dry mouth can also be the problem consult your dentist for an oral exam.


If you are a mouth breather aka. the tendency to snore while you sleep there is a lot of possibilities you might wake up with a foul smelling mouth. While you are snoring the saliva in your mouth gets dried up easily and eventually, you end up having a bad breath while you wake.

Talk to your dentist in easy ways which help you to stop snoring.

Others reasons

When it comes to bad breath there are a lot of reasons that you might miss out on your daily life.

They are also symptoms of some major diseases. Some of them are stones that form in the tonsils, infections or inflammation of the nose, sinuses or throat, metabolic disorders which cause bad odour due to chemical reactions or even some cancer

Bad breath can be an embarrassing topic to talk about, but only a dentist can diagnose it and find the right reason for it.

So book an appointment and talk to your dentist.

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