February 22, 2018

Are you having second thoughts on having dental implants?

Are the people around you and the internet loading you with opinions and you are unclear about which is true or not?

The World of dentistry has moved towards implants from root canals, dentures or bridges which were then generally used to treat damaged teeth. Let us break it to you the 5 most common dental implant myths and the facts about it.

Myth 1 – Dental Implants are Painful

Since it is technically a surgery, there might be discomforts but they are not painful as you think. A well-experienced oral surgeon will only go about the implants after careful consideration of how you respond to the local anaesthesia.

Patients taken dental implants are experienced to have very less discomfort or pain compared to other dental procedures root canals, dentures or bridges. Since implants are the permanent solution, it best to go for it.

Myth 2 – Dental Implants can cause Headaches

This is the most recent myth that is going on in the field. The titanium within the dental implant does not cause headaches or migraines.

No studies have proved the link between titanium in implants and headaches. However, if you are facing discomfort it may be due to the complication during surgery, but this care is very rare if you seek a well trained oral surgeon for the implant.

Myth 3 – Dental Implants cause Everyday Activities Difficult

This myth has been revolving around for a long time.

Having a dental implant will not make the process of chewing or talking difficult. Dental implants will, in fact, improve your ability to bite and chew as well as bring in more confidence while you speak as the implant has filled the gaps that may previously have made speech sound odd.

Myth 4 – Dental Implants need Extra Care and Maintenance

It is true that you need to take care of your basic oral hygiene and nothing else.

Dental implants are sealed under the crown of your tooth permanently and hence they do not need special attention and care but just the usual oral care routine-brush, floss, healthy diet to maintain the overall health of your teeth.

Dental implants require less maintenance than dentures and other procedure.

Myth 5 – Dental Implants Are Noticeable

This is the most believed myths of all time.

But the truth is dental implants look and feel so real that you will actually forget you’ve got a surgery done. You might hear people say that after this procedure you might see a metal line in your teeth, which is completely false. Modern dentistry uses translucent porcelain that looks very natural and completely unnoticeable by any person who is looking at you.

Now that if all your myths about dental myths are busted do not forget you need to visit an expert dentist to seek the right help for you.

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