5 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Smoking Stains From Your Teeth

August 28, 2018

When you chew tobacco or smoke cigarette it is common to get your teeth stained.

Just like our skin, our teeth too have pores and when you are a smoker the nicotine and tar in tobacco and cigars get easily absorbed by the pores.

Sometimes smokers, due to their method of inhalation, they can have teeth which vary in their dark share. Thereby leaving your teeth with unhealthy and yellow patches. These teeth can’t be whitened overnight and it requires consistent effort to bring them back to a healthy state.

How can nicotine damage your teeth?

We know that smoking can lead to lung cancer.

It will take a ride on cardiopulmonary problems by worsening your asthma symptoms, cough, etc. The aftermath just doesn’t stop there, they also result in,

  • Bad breath
  • Inflammation of the salivary gland
  • Increase the buildup of plaque and tartar on your teeth
  • Affect bone density in your jawline
  • Create white patches in your mouth
  • Tooth discolouration
  • Gum diseases leading to tooth loss

There are still ways to reverse these effects and let’s go through them.

Clean them at the root

The first thing to get right is to remove the tartar build up in your teeth. This occurs due to the constant smoking and tobacco use. The only way to reduce build-up is to brush twice a day and floss every day. This can help you get rid of the bacteria and prevent the tartar growth.

Include Vitamin C in your diet

Vitamin C present in oranges, pineapples, lemon and other such citric fruits help increase your saliva generation. This additional saliva helps wash the teeth and also whiten them. But do not go overboard in flooding your mouth in vitamin C, as it can damage your tooth enamel.

Clean Between Your Teeth

Formulate a good dental routine for every day. To remove the nicotine build up in your teeth, floss after each time you brush or at least once a day. Grab a hold of anti-tar mouthwash and a whitening toothpaste.

To prevent germ and bacterial growth during sleep, clean between your teeth every night.

Brush with Strawberry

The malic acid present in strawberries can help whiten the teeth. Before your regular routine of brushing up, mashup a couple of strawberries simply brush it on the teeth. After a few minutes wash this up and brush normally with a toothpaste.

Say Cheese!

If you are a fan of dairy products, here’s a chance to gulp them even more.

Milk, yoghurt, cheese and all dairy products contain lactic acid, calcium and vitamin D which strengthens your teeth and also your teeth enamel. This also strengths your jawline and the bone structure.

Have your tongue and gums examined approximately at your dental appointments?

Let your dentist or oral hygiene specialist know the type of cigarettes or nicotine or tobacco you intake and the frequency of them. Follow all these D.I.Y tips given above and religiously follow what your dentist instructs.

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