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Dr.Sridhar International Dental Hospital in Vijayawada

Following standards of hygiene and comprising of highly qualified staff, our dental clinic delivers the best services and treatments. Apart from world class treatments, we also give our patients valuable advice on how to avoid dental problems.

We realize that having great dental facilities is a necessity for every family. So, we have made sure that the moment you enter our clinic, you feel a good vibe. The warm and bright interior is even more relaxing. The professional attitude of the staff is quite reassuring to the patients as well as the people who accompany them.

Our Dental Treatments

Our staff is trained in order to cater to the needs of every individual. Our clinic provides world-class treatments suited to the needs of every patient.


Not only do we have a special section of staff dealing with dental problems in children, we also guide parents in order to make kids aware of the importance of maintaining a good dental health. Know More ...


Gums hold our teeth in place and therefore require special care. We offer various treatments such as deep cleaning, bone and soft tissue grafting, root planning, scaling, flap surgery, etc. for getting rid of any gum problems. Know More ...


Sometimes the tooth is damaged to such an extent that only a root canal can fix it. In this process, the infection is removed and the tooth is filled with an inert substance that is later sealed. This prevents any further decay and infection. Know More ...


The traditional drills and scalpels are now being replaced with a laser, thanks to the modern technology. This technology is used for the reshaping and lightening of gums, teeth whitening, disinfection, etc. Laser dentistry also reduces anxiety in patients as the use of tools is cut down to a minimum. Know More ...


In order to cover up decayed, damaged or discolored teeth, dental crowns and bridges are used. Know More ...


Dentures are basically a set of fake teeth that are fixed on to a plastic frame. They are used for people who have lost multiple teeth due to a variety of reasons such as age or an accident. Know More ...


Oral surgery procedures such as tooth extraction, sinus augmentation, impactions, removal of cysts, jaw repositioning, bone grafting, etc are carried out using local anesthesia or sedation. Know More ...


Dental implants are basically Titanium roots that are fixed on to the jaws and are Biocompatible. They act as a support for the restoration of lost teeth. They include Single tooth implants, Implant supported bridges, Implant supported dentures, and Full mouth rehabilitation. Know More ...


Orthodontics makes use of wires or braces to narrow out excessive gaps between teeth and fix crooked teeth in order to enhance the overall appearance of a person. Know More ...


One can opt for making one's teeth about 5-6 shades lighter depending on individual preference. Cosmetic dentistry or teeth whitening is an important branch of dentistry that aids in improving the overall looks and appearance of a person. Know More ...

Complete Dental Care Facility

With the use of progressive methodologies for dental care, we provide world-class dentistry.

The most advanced technology is used for diagnostics and treatment. Complete dental care facilities are available for advanced treatment. We strive to provide the best possible treatments along with a pleasurable experience. Almost all services related to dentistry are made available at your earliest convenience.

Sridhar Clinic is a one-stop clinic for all types of quality dental treatments. We have been providing our services in the city and nearby areas from more than 20 years.

The clinic is located in the prominent area of the city and is easily accessible to the locals due to the presence of bus, subway, and train stations nearby.

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